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21 March 1988
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This is my new attempt on keeping a weblog.
I will write when I feel like it and when I really don't there may not be any entrys for some weeks. But I'll try to make new entries as often as possible.

Me, I'm a girl from Northern Germany.
I will finally get out of the German school system this year and then study chemistry and hopefully Japanese language and culture at the University of Hamburg.

I'm in love/hate with about every kind of art and in lust with science.

I'm hopelessly shy around people I have or would like to get to know, even around the internet. But I'm always happy when people come up to me that make things easier.
I can be hopelessly silly when I feel at easy with the people around me.

I'm complicated, lazy, sometimes unbelievable happy for no obvious reason, sometimes melancholic, I like falling in love.

Sometimes I will post art I guess. If anybody would like to criticize it, fell free to do so, I always want to get better.

Oh, and every piece of art used in my layout or in the icons is made by me if not otherwise stated.